Fixing problems with design, words and code... most of the time. I specialize in UI/UX design and full-stack web development from idea to execution.

I've been creating digital products independently since 2011 for various industries. Among other things, I designed, coded and donated a weather notifications platform to the Dominican Republic government. It became very useful when hurricanes Irma and Maria formed in the caribbean sea, which resulted in nearly 50,000 app-installs in less than a week.

These kinds of projects —for enterprise and consumer clients— allowed me to understand first-hand the connections between strategy, development and business goals. For example, in most of them I had to research, contact key employees, pitch a demo to board members and provide training to the customer service team —aside from working on the product itself.

I believe my biggest trait is that I got a passion —and formal training— for teaching. That's why I focus on effective communication with every party involved, which translates into a smooth execution.